Readings of the health, purpose, and condition of your energy system

Energy Healing and Restoration of the Energy Pattern of Your Soul and Multi-Dimensional Energy System

Rejuvination of the health of bodily organs, organ systems, nervous system, neuroendocrine system (corresponding with the holographic structure of your energy system)

Stopping Psychic Attack, Closing Old Contracts, Clear Black Magic/Structures, Clearing Karmic Debris, Clearing Other Interfering Energy Patterns

Soul Path Coaching

Navigating the ego and psyche into the realm of soul consciousness.

Trauma Release Therapy

Soul Retrieval and Soul Healing

Help to master your spiritual gifts, Support after spiritual awakening




The physical body (and all physical matter) represents only 7% of existence. This is because 93 % of the universe is made of energy, and only 7% of the universe is made of particles.

You are a Multi-Dimensional Being who exists within the quantum non-locality (hologram), which we call the reality field, which is composed of 93% energy.

Psychological, Physical, and Spiritual disease therefore occur primarily within the 93% range of energy fields/frequencies/vibrations of the hologram.

Interaction is creation. All experiences are interations of the energy patterns of your multi-dimensional energy system with the reality field and the other multi-dimensional beings within it.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. Therefore every moment in time (which is like a holographic ‘photograph’) continues to exist within the quantum non-locality. You may have heard of this references as the “Akashic Record.”

Information (memory) is encoded into the hologram, and holds the structure and coding in which it was created. It will maintain its structure unless it is consciously transformed. Holographic Healing means to restructure the pathogenic holographic structures that are encoded into your soul throughout your present, past, and multi-dimensional life.

“Rachel is a highly skilled and deeply compassionate energy healer who takes her clients’ health and wellbeing to heart. After several years of seeing her, I have found all of her energy work to be effective in clearing blockages, working through past trauma, and restoring overall health. I have had many types of sessions with her and have found them all to be helpful, whether they were face-to-face in person, online via Skype, or work she has completed remotely based on my descriptions of issues I’ve been experiencing. Rachel has a way of addressing and explaining complex issues that has provided me with many practical applications in my life, especially the ability to gain a deeper understanding of how I relate to the energetic world. I am deeply appreciative of the positive effects this work has had in my life and would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking a life coach, spiritual advisor, or energy worker.”  – Peter D.

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