Astral Projection Explained

What is the Astral Plane?

The astral plane is the 4th dimension of the reality field. This level corresponds to the human psyche, and the heart. Astral travel, is travel in the 4th dimension of the reality field. Astral projection is the process of travelling in the astral plane on your astral twin (also known as the astral body).

The part of your energy system that corresponds to the astral plane is the astral twin. The astral twin corresponds the the heart centre (“chakra”) and the 4th dimension of your personal energy system. You can travel into your own astral plane or into the collective plane. When astral travel is discussed, most often it’s about travelling in the collective plane.

How Astral Projection Works

The astral plane is the bridge level between the ego frequencies and the reality field beyond the first “3Ds.” Dimensions 1,2,3 create your lower personality, or the ego. The 4th dimension, your heart level that correspond to the astral twin is the bridge level between your lower personality (ego) and higher self (soul level).

In astral projection, the astral twin is separated form the physical body through a process of relaxation and intention. The body is relaxed, the emotions are quieted and the mind is quieted, and this enables you to harmonise the hemispheres of your brain and raise your vibration to the level of your heart.

The first three dimensions create the fields for your ego, and correspond to:

  • Dimension 1 corresponds to the material body, the root chakra and the etheric twin.
  • Dimension 2 The sacral chakra (aka the hara), which corresponds to emotional energies.
  • Dimension 3 The solar plexus chakra corresponds to the mental activity/thoughts of the ego.

You can only travel to the planes that you can access vibrationally. Feeling fear will suck you back into the frequencies of the 1st and 2nd dimension, and a very active mind will keep your consciousness locked in 3D frequencies.

This is why it’s necessary to slow down your mind, relax your body, and raise your vibration in order to astral travel. You are raising your vibration to the level of the heart and therefore making is possible to access the collective plane. Whatever you encounter there will be the 4th dimensional layer of the person, thing, place.

The heart chakra as the bridge between lower and higher consciousness – where the ego = D 1,2,3 (body, emotion, mind) and the heart (astral) is the bridge to the soul level (D 5,6,7), then over soul level (D 8,9,10). In my opinion the dimensions are not layered but infused throughout one another.

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What Will You Find in the Astral Plane?

The astral plane is also a kind of dumping ground for thought forms and discarded entities with no true consciousness or evolutionary path of their own. You need to use your discernment when travelling the astral. This is the level that corresponds to your psyche, and everything that is in it will show up. So you will be encountering projections as well as thought forms masquerading as conscious beings.

The ideas of the collective human consciousness end up in the astral plane as thought forms. Something that you might call or perceive as an angel or Pleidian for example in the astral, may simply be a thought form.

The astral is distorted by the contents of an individual’s psyche. So whatever ideas the traveller holds, will be projecting into their experiences and the beings in there can project back to you what you would like to see.

Use your discernment. It’s not about labelling anything as good or bad. Just be aware that you may not be looking at the true form of beings in the astral, but rather glamorised versions of not so glamorous entities. Sense the vibration of how something feels rather than how it looks. Check with your heart. Beautiful angels and magnificent beings may simply be projected thought forms, or less than kind entities playing games and vice versa.

The astral plane is polarised (aka based on the energies of the “black vs white” dichotomoy), so its manifestations are based on polarity (rather than oneness). This is a sign that it’s a place you can transcend once you’ve done your work there.

Should You Astral Travel?

As always, use your discernment. Be mindful that you take good stock of what is motivating you to go to the astral.

There are many planes beyond the astral, infinite, and you can travel to them on your consciousness. Astral projection is one form of discovery, but it’s not the only way to experience your spiritual aspect because all astral travel is limited to the frequency of the astral twin and whatever is below it.

Every plane has it’s own qualities and characteristics, and you can travel to any of them on your consciousness, when you are able to access these levels by virtue of purifying your own filters (inner work) and activating these levels within you. You can only travel to the frequencies that you can emanate/generate yourself.

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