About Rachel

It is a joy for me to practice as a multi-dimensional energy healer, psychotherapist, trauma release practitioner and soul path coach.

I was introduced to energy work at the age of 4 by my grandmother. She spontaneously discovered energy healing while recovering from heart surgery in her hospital bed. Her hands began to move in a fluid way, which evolved into a natural dance, and then into hands on healing work. I believe that we all have the ability to heal.

My active healing began at the age of 16, onset by a personal crisis that woke me up to the spiritual world once again.

Independent study, intensive self-healing, and periods of isolated meditation and private travelling to ancient sites, helped me to reactivate the dormant aspects of consciousness within, to reconnect with the nature of my inner world, and glean some understanding of the nature of the holographic world and subtle planes.

Through a formal education in Psychology (BA) and Social Work (BSW, MSW), I understood that the conventional world is not equipped with an awareness of the pervasively multi-dimensional quality of reality and consciousness. This created limitation to healing.

My experience in psychology and social work, along with the insights of my personal work and clairvoyant ability enable me to facilitate healing multi-dimensionally. This makes the work a lot more fun!

The universe is an energetic and holographic structure. This means that it can be understood as infinite, multi-layered field of energy and consciousness. We are able to work with any aspect of our multi-dimensional structure that we can connect to, through our will and consciousness.

It is my intention to support the restoration and integration of the true human consciousness into an expression of a life promoting global society.