In the spirit of equitable contribution, All Offerings are provided on the basis of donation, according to how much benefit you have experienced as a result, and what is financially “feel good” for your circumstances.

Bookings can be made by contacting me through the website or directly to

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Services are available as single session consultation or ongoingly, as you like.

Trauma Release Therapy and Soul Path Coaching are available by video chat through a secure platform (no downloads required) that meets the confidentiality requirements of medical doctors.

Holographic Healing is provided at a distance. We arrange a time for the session so that you are able to relax and be in a calm environment. We can meet for a video consult to discuss what your goals and difficulties, or you can simply write to me with your concerns.

I always provide a detailed report with explanations and the completed work after I have finished the healing and am very open to answering any questions you may have prior to.