Spiritual Empowerment

The ‘dark age’ is one of unconscious creation and ignorance of the true power and potential of the Human Heart and Spirit. The illumination of consciousness, and the coherence of this consciousness with the physically lived life will bring humanity into the renewed age of Light.

We are all connected via the quantum non-locality. Therefore, if any one being remains in the dark or trapped, on some level we all are trapped in the dark. The true nature of reality – as a sea of energy with which we can interact, create, and progress – is becoming more well known and accepted.

Psychic ability is natural. We have been disconnected from this information along with access to higher forms of multi-dimensional awareness.

Because we are all instantaneously non-locally connected, every improvement of your inner life, energetic life, and soul life, is of instant benefit to the collective, and to you! This is the true meaning of ‘Follow Your Bliss.”

The inner life, energetic life, and soul life of an individual comprise the majority of his/her existence. However, most of us are primarily aware of the smallest aspect of reality, the physical life. My aim is to empower people with the information and skills I have learned on my journey to master their energy system, learn to work with the subtle planes, expand their consciousness, and live a heartful conscious life.

My aim is to contribute to a spiritually free and collectively progressive society. I believe that spiritual empowerment (awareness of subtle energy and consciousness, skills to work with these, and spiritual autonomy) is the way to do that.

In this way I hope that we will all create our lives according to the principles of life, and support each other in spiritual awakening and collective progression.

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