What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the quantum non-locality. It is an inifinite, interactive, multi-dimensional field of potential experiences and forms, and then realized into experiences and forms. If it’s not energy, it’s consciousness.

What is the Energetic Heart?

The energetic heart is the memory code of the soul. It contains the coding of the soul’s energy pattern. The energetic heart is transcribed by the energies of your lived experiences, and becomes the natural ‘program’ of your soul. The energetic heart projects the image of your soul, because it is the soul. The heart’s code (created by the way you use your energies) contains the code that generates your soul’s “Personality” (The developed qualities of once imbued potential).

What is the Soul?

The soul is an energy pattern. It is the realized energies of your potential. As you feel, think, and act in the world, the energy pattern of your soul is expressed from your potentials. The quality and health of the energy pattern of your soul translates into physical, psychological, and spiritual constitution and health.

What is the Freedom Reality?

The Freedom Reality is a society based on simultaneous individuual and collective progression. In other words, no enslavement (of animals, people, or ecologies). This means that the strucutre of society, including the industries of commerce, agriculture, education, health, and infrastructure, are based on the ideas and creativity of free individuals. The actions and creations of individuals who are inspired by their soul potential, contribute to the collective wellbeing. The Freedom Reality is created by individuals who reclaim their soul consciousness, heal their inner lives, and create lifestyles, businesses, and identities that resonate with LIFE principles.

What is Language?

Language: A code represented in vibrational patterns, aka sound. The qualities of the vibration of a word must correspond equally to the qualities of vibration of the concept described. The greater the gap in this match, the more distortion in the language spoken, and therefore created in speaking it. Words are portals. One can travel through the portal in order to understand the multi-dimensional meaning of the word, which is a kind of symbol. The absence of words to describe existing potential creations represents the limiting of consciousness to those concepts. The coding of DNA strands follows the same rules of syntax and patterns as spoken language.

What is Self-Sovereignty?

Self-Sovereignty: The integral state of total self-responsibility, having claimed rights and responsibility for and the consequences of one’s thoughts, states, and actions. The opposite of blame.