In the spirit of equitable contribution, services are provided on the basis of donation, according to how much benefit you have experienced as a result, and what is financially “feel good” for your current circumstances,

Multi-Dimensional Holographic Healing

  • Discharge stress, traumatic stress, clear interference patterns
  • Improve sleep, health conditions (Hashimoto, Chronic Fatigue, Weight Loss, Neurochemical balance, Hormonal Balance, Attention, Concentration, Anxiety, inappropriate or deficient brain wave activity)
  • Support emotional stability and positivity, clear wave patterns and root causes of subjective and objective negative ideas, and thoughts
  • Testing and Assessment of your multi-dimensional energy system
  • Repair and restoration of the energy pattern of your soul
  • Clearing, neutralising, and transmutation of negative energies and imprints across all dimensions of your individuated consciousness stream
  • Healing the biohologram of your organs, organ systems, glands (including pineal, pituitatary, pineal, and thymus)

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Soul Path Coaching

  • Access your inner knowledge and guidance
  • Empath Coaching and training in the use of extrasensory abilities
  • Support during and after spiritual awakening
  • Distinguish between ‘ego’ and ‘soul’ incentives
  • Restore your highest potential paths/timelines
  • Existential Counselling
  • Inner Life Literacy (how to use the mirror principle, decode your defences, work with the ego and psyche)

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Trauma Release Therapy

  • Sessions over video chat
  • Psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, developmental trauma
  • Inner Child Work
  • Release and resolve karmic complexes and karmic trauma
  • Heal and clear ancestral trauma
  • Energy Healing

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Readings & Mappings

  • All information in the quantum non-locality can be accessed and interpreted
  • Soul Portrait: Receive a channeled reading of the coding of your soul and your individual instructions of how to reconnect with it.
  • Pendulum Tested Profile: If you are interested in energy work and holographic healing, and/or are an energy healer already, but have struggled to assess the root cause of your symptoms, I am able to provide a comprehensive testing and assesment of your energy system multi-dimensionally to identify the health and functioning of your system and issues of root cause. The reading is superficially healing, however in order to receive the full benefit you should do the energy work or book a multi-dimensional holographic healing session.

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